Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Bedford, Virginia

I spy a small dog!
Do you? Duke likes to go... anywhere! Here he is hoping to make it into our suitcase for the Knox Family Christmas in Bedford, Virginia.

We stayed at The Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia (:45 mins. from Bedford). It's an OLD shoe factory made into a boutique hotel. They really incorporated the shoe theme well! They brought us breakfast in a shoebox.

Susan & Jimmy's Room

Indians follow me. This is our room.

Breakfast in a Shoebox!

While in Bedford, we stopped by my father-in-love's family Dairy farm. This farm was origionally Dennis' great grandparents place and now his two Great Uncles still run it. Those mountains are part of the farm. This was one of the prettiest pieces of land that I've ever seen! Wow!

The church the family attended. Most of the family is buried behind the church. Wierd seeing your name on a tomb stone... KNOX!

We ran into, Mable, Jimmy's Great Aunt while at the church.
We did a lot more while in Bedford, but I don't have good pictures. We went to D's Aunt Marie & Uncle Marshall's for the Knox Christmas! It was a really fun trip!

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