Friday, October 3, 2014

Fall Day

Monday, September 29, 2014

Frozen on Ice


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th!

Rhett is turning 4!  
Gosh, I remember the car ride to the hospital as clear as day. We were nervous but smiling... a little scared but happy... and above all EXCITED to meet our Everett Bayly.  It really does seem like yesterday.  I can still feel myself sitting in the car watching the lights change from red to green.
And then the ride home from the hospital was about the same.  The sound of his car seat snapping into our truck for the first time is still in my head. 
Now, every time I look at Rhett his legs are longer and he much wiser on life.  His personality is as big as the bay and so is his sneaky, sweet smile.
We celebrated his birthday with a bunch of our friends at his favorite swimming spot, The Narrows.  It was a beach party and it felt like summer ought to feel.  Little boys and girls laughing their hearts out and parents smiling on them like they were kids again.
The big boys finished off the shark-shaped piñata like big leaguers after the girls got it all started with some serious swats.
  For us, these parties are a measurement of our happiness. When friends and family pile around to celebrate your greatest love it makes you feel rich in everything.
Plus, to have such a healthy, handsome 4 year old to celebrate... sometimes my heart could explode from a joy overload.

The candles wouldn't light but he pretended to blow them out anyway.  It never fails, I feel the tears rise when we sing the Birthday song.  It's like the whole year of loving them builds up and you feel it right then.



The "Happy 4th Weekend" continued today with our neighborhood Parade and Social.  Rhett was so funny to watch in the Donut eating contest.  He kept trying to use his hands. 

And then he entered the Pie Eating contest. I'm not sure he cared that it was a race... it was good, cold wipped cream and that's all that mattered.  Plus, red sprinkles. 

 Rhett and Carly Rose are really starting to have fun together.  Every now and again I catch them wallowing on the floor in a full belly laugh.  It's fun watching them become best friends.

When the social was ending a few of the boys started playing with the megaphone speaker.  It was laughing mess of silly boys swapping it back and forth trying to get their parents attention with their best patriotic jokes.  But when it came to Rhett, he didn't flinch and yelled "I LOVE YOU MOMMA!"
 I  never want to forget what our thoughtful 4 year old took the opportunity to say.
Happy Birthday, Buddy.
  WE LOVE YOU TOO! (as big as the bay)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 🎃

We visited 2 pumpkin patches this week! One with MOPS & the other with Rhett's preschool. It was his first field trip. We took hayrides, climbed through hay, in teepees, and met lots of farm animals. Carly Rose isn't into the animals yet but she loved the pumpkins! Rhett loved the hayride most. 


We picked up Joseph, Mrs Kate, and Anne Sidney for the field trip. The boys enjoyed sitting together. 

Rhett's Pre-K3 Class 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This little stinker!

It's hard to get a good picture of him without much coaxing but if you call him a 'chicken head' he'll flash one of these!


Also had these taken at MOPS this week!
Me and Another Mom were the photographers at the meeting...we were pleased with our set!  It's all from our porches & a happy surprise! (B/C it was a little thrown together)