Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lots to Love around here

Janruary 2011 033

Blue? Brown? Green? His color is changing.

Janruary 2011 007

His eyeball is still healing.

Janruary 2011 014

In the spirit of Miss America coming on tonight. I bought some shoes that would go great with an onstage bathing suit. (not really- I just wanted them & they're the perfect shade of Indian leg) Now I just need to go great in a bathing suit! I do have my tennis shoes on right now.

I am planning to run.


Janruary 2011 020

A smiling sleeper

An attack BabyJanruary 2011 035

that he’s back in town

Janruary 2011 021

this little faceJanruary 2011 036

and when he watches Daddy outside



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