Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness!


March2011 018

Madness! This kid is everywhere.  My camera won’t even focus on this dude.

We have a full fledged crawling maniac!

March2011 001

I’m having to cage this wild man to get stuff done.  He started crawling during the second week in March & hasn’t stopped.  We’re not sure which day exactly but we did see him go halfway across the room while we where eating dinner on the sofa.  Great Moment! 

  He also starting pulling up last week.  I walked into his room one night and there he was proud, smiling, and  chomping on the side of the crib.

Everything is a fun adventure now!

March2011 003

We also put him in his big boy car seat on Friday 3/25 & he loves it!  I went with the Britax Boulevard #1 because it’s one of the safest and #2 because it has side cushions and his head won’t flop while napping. (nice suggestion CLQ)  The firemen at the Bayside station were kind enough to tighten and inspect it for me.  That’s a neat service they provide. It gave me peace of mind!

March2011 002

I love the cowmooflage!  Makes me happy when I look in the rear view mirror- Mrs. Jacqueline also has a cow in her car.  Dennis wouldn’t do it- his is blue.

March2011 016March2011 013March2011 014


Blogger information said...

Love it....Zoom Zoom! We all will be chasing him from now on!

March 27, 2011 at 4:18 AM  

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