Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Summertime!

 Rhett and I built out first “pillow palace”
(my sisters and brother should remember this) yesterday.  I think Rhett was rounding the coffee table and starting through the tube in this picture.   I wish I had a picture of his face when he realized that he could actually crawl under all of this fun stuff.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 001
Duke was scared.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 002
Okay so now my secret is out.  This is pretty much how our den looks all the time now.

In other news-
My surprise sunflowers bloomed.  I forgot I planted them and then one day 20-something plants popped up.  I don’t think I’m nuts…but maybe?!
Toddler Fun & Summertime 010
The deck is complete.  We dreamed about it for 5 years and it’s finally here.  So far, we’ve spent every evening out here.  I can tell that Rhett  likes it too.  He’s been spending loads of time pushing around his dump  truck and learning how to man the steps backward.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 011
Toddler Fun & Summertime 004
Side view- you can see a little backward-step-action from the Rhettster
Toddler Fun & Summertime 012

 Dennis is harvesting some pretty good veggies this summer.Toddler Fun & Summertime 006

Toddler Fun & Summertime 007
 The Alabama crew just left after a long weekend  in Carova, NC.  We've been using the gifts that they left- they made us "carova castaway" coosies and t-shirts.  :)    



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