Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rhett's 2nd Birthday Farm Party

Our little bear is 2!
Wow. It's incredibly hard to believe that the little baby we brought home is running through the house as an energetic 2 year old.  
Turning 2 requires epic celebrations and so we had a Barnyard Bash!
We hosted pigs, llamas, bunnies, goats, cows, and lots of wonderful friends and family.  When the animals arrived they just kept coming around the corner.  Rhett didn't really know how to react to all the action in the backyard.  He ran from animal to animal, gave them all hugs, and then tried to open his cool presents.   2 year olds!

As you can see, we're expecting Knox 2.0, Miss Carly Rose Nose, in just a few quick weeks, so our family and friends really rallied to make this party possible. Thank you!  Thank you!
Thank you! 
We enjoyed a nice farm-style spread complete with wagon wheels/oreos, chicken feed/chex mix, and awesome pig and cow cupcakes! 
It was such a special day!  

Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Rhett!

He saying "I'm 2!"

The Teeny Tiny Petting Zoo did an excellent job.  Their animals were all gentle and sweet.
The handlers were total kid-people & felt like old friends. :)

Hugging the mini cow!

Grammy and Granddaddy got creative with the melon.

Heather, one of the sweetest girls alive, made the piggy and cow cupcakes for the party.
They were a hit and sooo sooo cute!

All the kids kept the water bowls cool with ice cubes.  It was Hot- in the 90's.

These 2 were dying to open gifts that entire time!  They are devising a plan here.

One of my favorite things that happened!  When a Llama sits- you totally hop on, right?! 
Lucas is such a cool kid.


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