Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of PreK-2!

Well- here we are!
First day of "school." Sort of.  PreK-2 is like 2 steps before preschool and 2 years before kindergarten.  None the less, there's a backpack (or "packpack"), a lunch box, a sweet little bubble-blowing curriculum and that's all I needed to get little teary-eyed walking into
the building. 
I had every intention of taking pictures once he as in class but I was too thrown off with the fact that he's a KID now.  Dennis and I just left quietly.  No tears.  Rhett was fine.  He found some spongy blocks to play with and didn't even look away when we walked out. 
Life is really really sweet right now.  I'm realizing that there's lots of change coming and so it was even more precious when Rhett helped me make breakfast this morning.  We made eggs!  The process requires sitting on the counter, taking the top off the milk, and splashing eggs all over the place with a fork.  He usually cleans his plate after he helps, so it's a good strategy for now.
 I especially love this picture because this morning when I put these shoes on him.  He told me that they were beautiful. 
 Favorite Toys:
Little Farm Animals- especially the little horse that he named "Heehaw"
His Truck/Powerwheels and Blocks
Favorite Celebrity:
Every night before bed he tells us he's dreaming about Grandaddy and his Pops- aka Popsicles!
Favorite Color:
Everything is Red
Favorite Food:
"Special Prize Treats" or fruit snacks
Berries and MILK
Favorite Show:
Muppets- Wizard of Oz 
(Naps are a sure thing when we pop this baby in)
Funny Words:
HeeHaw- his little toy horse
Carwee- His sister's name Carly
Beil- Belle the dog
Pack Pack- Backpack
"Dad, are you surfin-n-n-n?"  He adds "n's" to everything.
At night when Dennis fluffs his pillow he asks, "are you fixin-n-n me up?"
Rhett, do you need a diaper?  "No, I'm good."
... and the list goes on!
 Okay!  Enough, Mom!


 What's in here? He wanted to know if I packed snacks!!! 

Okay, he's over it. 
 I like the out takes because it's the real story behind all these cute "first day" pictures!


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