Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend 2011



I’m so thankful to this little guy for making me a mother!  He makes me smile and love bigger than

I’ve ever known.  What a joy it is to be a Mommy!




I especially loved tonight.  Dennis kicked off Mother’s Day weekend with a bang:

First of all, I’m giddy over my sweet Mother’s day gift- I mentioned to Dennis that it would be nice (in the future?) to have a couple of wooden chairs for the front to watch Rhett play with his outside toys.  Surprise! Rhett & Dennis came home with these today.   I love them because of the quality time we will spend here! 

Plus, I plan on having my coffee here in the morning.

Alabama 020

Then we shared an excellent dinner together- topped off with relaxing on the hammock!  What a fun night. 




I’ve waited 2 years for my little peony bushes to grow flowers and… Finally!!!!

Just look at how pretty it is.  Peonies are so fluffy & sweet-smelling!  I actually have 3 on the bush. 

Alabama 009

 Alabama 005

This is why I can’t wait for my peony plant to mature- my neighbor has prize peonies… Aren’t they lovely!

Alabama 003

Happy Mother’s Day!



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