Sunday, July 24, 2011


Rhett’s 1st Spaghetti dinner…
july 2011 003
… was a hit!  Sinatra was even playing in the background. 
july 2011 004
Meet Noodleback!  Everyone enjoyed this dinner- and most meals now for that matter.  We had to give Duke a bath because he had a red spaghetti stains.  Rhett “shares” with Duke often.
july 2011 002
This floor is never clean anymore- I have to mop after almost every meal.  I didn’t anticipate this at all nor did I realize that babies don’t use bottles after one year.  We are officially bottle and formula free.  Rhett is diggin’ whole milk- probably because it tastes like melted ice cream. 
july 2011 005
Every time I let him make a huge mess I think about this sign… 




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