Saturday, September 15, 2012

Carly Rose- Day 2

God got it right when he came up with family! Dennis and I are cup-runneth-over-cherry-on-top blessed! There is nothing like the love you have for a new baby! I keep pinching myself.

Carly is passing all her tests and learning how to be a newborn just fine. We're learning the nursing dance and I'm remembering why I enjoyed nursing Rhett so much. Carly has established her favorite sleeping spot, which is in our chests. I'm hoping we have another snuggler. I think we do.

So far this hospital experience has been smooth. Surgery was a complete 180 from last time. I didn't feel a thing- plus the staff were super professional and caring!!! I've enjoyed how the hospital plays a nursery rhyme when a new baby is born. Everyone in the entire place hears the announcement and judging by the chimes we've heard- Carly shares her birth week with about 10 other kiddos.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:


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