Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Rocktober!

OCTOBER 2011 001

Kindles can be used for enjoying a book, a pretty magazine, or as a hat! Everyone should buy one for it’s fashionable feature.
This is what the guys got me for my 31st birthday.  I haven’t uploaded a book  yet, but I’m thinking about finding out what the hype is all about with Harry Potter.  Maybe even Twilight.  Or maybe the Boy who went to heaven? book.  The sky is the limit when all you have to do is push a button!  This is a great gift. 
In other news, Rhett got his first skateboarding lesson today.
OCTOBER 2011 014OCTOBER 2011 016 
He went all the way down the driveway!  Go Rhett!
OCTOBER 2011 040
Beautiful weather has allowed us to play outside all weekend.  We had some dear friends come into town over the weekend.  Our sweet little neighbor boys loved having other kids around… my favorite part is that they all rotated yards.  They played

Here’s a few more
October memories I don't want to forget:
OCTOBER 2011 004
the grumpy brown bear and me 
OCTOBER 2011 013
Rhett loves to hug Slokey the neighbor cat
Slokey does not like Rhett
OCTOBER 2011 005OCTOBER 2011 009OCTOBER 2011 011OCTOBER 2011 012OCTOBER 2011 014
Zoo 002
I read that playing with textures was fun for 1 year olds. 
 I picked rice and I’m still picking UP rice all over my house! 
It was fun though!
Zoo 003Zoo 004Zoo 006


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