Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love is all you need…


July 2011 003

Stopped off to take a picture with the Blue Ridge Mountains- July 2011

Dennis and I had a really fun weekend.  We went to a great friends wedding in Blacksburg, VA.  I love weddings!  We enjoyed “milling” around Blacksburg with no plans the most… except for that incredible wedding, of course.   We walked to all of D’s favorite bars from college, ate at some of his favorite restaurants, and he showed me around campus.  I’d been there before but it was different without all the game day hoopla. 

On the trip up & back actually we stopped at this place.  It’s a gas station/really good sandwich stop in Charlottesville, VA.  It’s special to us because we stopped here for lunch on our first date.  It’s kind of silly but we call it “The LOVE station.”  Our first date was to a Troy State vs. UVA game. 

July 2011 005

We got a frequent buyers card here. One more time and we get a sammy for free- Crozet or a Farmington.  Yum-O!

July 2011 003

I talked Dennis into stopping at this antique shop on the way.   We bought Dennis’ mom a couple of Mr. Peanut Salt and Pepper shakers.  Dennis actually found them under the table out here.

July 2011 001

This is what they look like.  We need lids that fit though.   Dennis Granddad worked at Planters for years.  It’s special to the famioly to buy the Mr. Peanut brand.  Everyone feels like their cheating otherwise. 


Fun Weekend all around!  I’ll try to post a video from the wedding- there was a 13year old who could really throw down and of course the view was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  See! 

We’re glad to be home with our little baby bear though.  He went to the beach with his Knox family & had a great time.  I can tell it was fun because he is exhausted!   I took this picture thinking of him.  I think I might make a collection of these.  

July 2011 002

Love is all you need.


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Sounds like a wonderful trip!

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