Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rhett can float!

Rhett has been taking swim lessons for the past 6 weeks.  It’s call ISR or Infant Swim Rescue.  Basically, babies are taught to float.  Each lesson only last about 10 minutes because they work so hard kicking, flipping, and… yes crying!!!  We did a 4 day week for 5 weeks and it finally “clicked” in the 5th week.  For Rhett,  I’m sure it was scary at times. For me and his Daddy it has been worth it’s weight in gold when you think about what could happen.  IRS doesn’t make your baby “drown proof” it just gives them a big chance.  
Warning: This may hurt your feelings if you are a Grandmother. 

In other news,  I’m packing my bags for Alabama Baby!  Rhett and I are doing a quick weekend with the family.   HERE WE COME!!! Yay!
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 004


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