Friday, November 11, 2011

Grizzly Bear- Halloween 2011


Halloween 2011 003

Rhett was a brown bear for Halloween 2011!  He wasn’t that into his costume, so we decided he was more of the grizzly bear variety.  These pictures were not taken on Halloween- this was a complete Halloween redo shoot.  Halloween night rendered NOT ONE good picture- only a grumpy baby skkkkreeking for candy

Oh and he took his shoe off and threw it into the neighborhood somewhere.

 Good Bye first

shoe!  Sad.

Halloween 2011 009

Halloween 2011 001

Halloween 2011 037Halloween 2011 043Halloween 2011 044Halloween 2011 045

Halloween 2011 030

Halloween 2011 017

Halloween 2011 020Halloween 2011 033


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