Monday, September 17, 2012

There's a First time for everything..

First car ride....Check!
First Bottle....Check!
First Shoes....Check!
First time meeting Sug....Check!

First Night at Home.... WILD!
Oh man! Carly is a whole different baby without a staff of twenty nurses, painkillers, and mommy naps! The learning curve on a newborn is surprising me AGAIN! She's not interested in nursing right now and I've just about decided that she thinks it's not fast enough and requires after a 6hour stand off we broke out the pump and bottle. Just when you think you've licked the nursing dance- Wham!

Hopefully well get better at it today and the tears will dry up! Both of ours!

Rhett is doing okay- he's definitely feeling the change. We're really trying to include him with big brother jobs. Dennis and Rhett are also doing special things like cutting the grass and fixing random things. He's becoming a good big bro! I'm proud of him!


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