Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's a "fast" rabbit!

Me and the "Chinese cabbage" (29 weeks) had a little adventure last week.

We made the trip out to Chincoteague, VA or "chink-o-teague" as the locals say to recruit students at their tiny little school.
C. Island is a little over 2 hrs. from my house, so I decided to make the most of it!
I stayed here! Miss Molly's B & B in Captain Jack's room.
I decided 2 years ago that if I could get a B & B to match my hotel price limit for work then I'd stay there. I love supporting the local economy, plus it's just plain cool! You meet new people, you get to look around an old house, breakfast in the morning... etc!

Fresh Squeezed OJ, apple stuffed french toast, bacon, cherry blueberry muffins, and good company! Why wouldn't you stay at a B & B??The book Misty was written at the B & B- its a book about a wild horses and the pony swim...
Chincoteague, VA is home of the famed pony swim. Wild ponies live on this island and every summer they herd them across the sound to a different pasture. People come from far and wide to witness this event... I think they raise a lot of money for the fire department by doing it. Pretty cool! While at Miss Molly's - I met the a sweet lady, Jennifer Ward, and her daughter Josie (13). We met on the back porch of the B&B and had a fun visit over tea. I found out that Jennifer, a Physicians assistant by trade, writes books on the side. Below is a picture of her first book- it's a heartwarming story about a puppy dreaming of a forever home! I must say it was pretty inspiring talking to her. Here's this woman with a full time job, 2 kids, husband, life, and she squeezes in a book! And... she gets published on her first try. I could tell that she was a very real person, after all she and her daughter were on a little "fly by the seat of your pants" adventure of there own. I can't wait to do that with our little one.
(click on the picture to buy the book- I did!)

Oh and the shopping/antiquing at Chincoteague is awesome!
I picked up this cool little piece of art for the nursery.

I'm not going with a bunny theme, but this was just too cool to pass up.
It's a 1920s metal kids toy. It even has metal whiskers. Dennis and I have been calling it a "fast rabbit," it's a case of the nursery will not be too sissy-fied.
I think it will look cool on a shelf over the crib or on top of the armoire.

Saw it on Ebay for $175... People, you know I didn't pay that much for it... really!
Ashley's price $39.00!!!
I should be on that new show "Pickers"- 2 guys travel the county and find priceless antiques, make deals, and then make moola. I swear I could do that!

Prime example:
I found this cool dresser at a goodwill last week. It was marked $69 dollars- I "charmed" them down to $45. (Actually, I just asked to pay $45. It works everytime- try it!) I thought it would fit in the nursery closet as the dresser, but it was an inch too short.
That's what I get for doing the "arm test" aka: using my arm as a measuring tape... I knew the closet was 2 1/2 arms. I know, it's stupid, but It works most of the time. I was only off by an inch. :) Dennis thinks this is hilarious!

Anyway, so the dresser didn't fit, right? So I posted it on Craigs list for $125 and sold it less than 24hrs. later for $100. The guy who bought it... will be using it in The Elizabeth Inn, a new B&B on the Elizabeth river.

What a great ending!

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