Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love is all you need…


July 2011 003

Stopped off to take a picture with the Blue Ridge Mountains- July 2011

Dennis and I had a really fun weekend.  We went to a great friends wedding in Blacksburg, VA.  I love weddings!  We enjoyed “milling” around Blacksburg with no plans the most… except for that incredible wedding, of course.   We walked to all of D’s favorite bars from college, ate at some of his favorite restaurants, and he showed me around campus.  I’d been there before but it was different without all the game day hoopla. 

On the trip up & back actually we stopped at this place.  It’s a gas station/really good sandwich stop in Charlottesville, VA.  It’s special to us because we stopped here for lunch on our first date.  It’s kind of silly but we call it “The LOVE station.”  Our first date was to a Troy State vs. UVA game. 

July 2011 005

We got a frequent buyers card here. One more time and we get a sammy for free- Crozet or a Farmington.  Yum-O!

July 2011 003

I talked Dennis into stopping at this antique shop on the way.   We bought Dennis’ mom a couple of Mr. Peanut Salt and Pepper shakers.  Dennis actually found them under the table out here.

July 2011 001

This is what they look like.  We need lids that fit though.   Dennis Granddad worked at Planters for years.  It’s special to the famioly to buy the Mr. Peanut brand.  Everyone feels like their cheating otherwise. 


Fun Weekend all around!  I’ll try to post a video from the wedding- there was a 13year old who could really throw down and of course the view was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  See! 

We’re glad to be home with our little baby bear though.  He went to the beach with his Knox family & had a great time.  I can tell it was fun because he is exhausted!   I took this picture thinking of him.  I think I might make a collection of these.  

July 2011 002

Love is all you need.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never Dull


“I have WHAT?”

MMR reaction and smiles 017

Well, little fellow you are having a reaction to your MMR vaccine-Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.  Okay… last week/8 days ago to be exact Rhett had his 1 year old wellness visit.   He’s still a big ol’ boy- in the 90% for all except weight.  He’s 24 lbs. and tons of fun!   Back to the mystery rash- that alarmed the masses- the doctor explained that about 1 in 20 kids get it.  As you can see from the picture, he’s pretty “speckled” and all over this body. 

Now, we thought it was a reaction to the strep throat that he’s getting over… or even a reaction to amoxicillin that he’s taking to get over strep.   We’ve seen the doctor 3 times in 2 weeks. 

NEVER DULL, I tell ya!

MMR reaction and smiles 005(Note: I’m a fan of vaccines… just not all at once.   We only do one at a time for reasons like this.  To me, getting MMR vaccine is much safer than getting any of these three diseases. )

Clearly- he is recovering nicely!

MMR reaction and smiles 009

MMR reaction and smiles 023MMR reaction and smiles 029

I’ve mentioned my neighbors, Connor & Matthew, before and I have something fun to share from them!  Check out this video- I’ve named it the

“jetapillar’s macaroni” 

Classic Connor

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Rhett’s 1st Spaghetti dinner…
july 2011 003
… was a hit!  Sinatra was even playing in the background. 
july 2011 004
Meet Noodleback!  Everyone enjoyed this dinner- and most meals now for that matter.  We had to give Duke a bath because he had a red spaghetti stains.  Rhett “shares” with Duke often.
july 2011 002
This floor is never clean anymore- I have to mop after almost every meal.  I didn’t anticipate this at all nor did I realize that babies don’t use bottles after one year.  We are officially bottle and formula free.  Rhett is diggin’ whole milk- probably because it tastes like melted ice cream. 
july 2011 005
Every time I let him make a huge mess I think about this sign… 



Sweet Summertime!

 Rhett and I built out first “pillow palace”
(my sisters and brother should remember this) yesterday.  I think Rhett was rounding the coffee table and starting through the tube in this picture.   I wish I had a picture of his face when he realized that he could actually crawl under all of this fun stuff.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 001
Duke was scared.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 002
Okay so now my secret is out.  This is pretty much how our den looks all the time now.

In other news-
My surprise sunflowers bloomed.  I forgot I planted them and then one day 20-something plants popped up.  I don’t think I’m nuts…but maybe?!
Toddler Fun & Summertime 010
The deck is complete.  We dreamed about it for 5 years and it’s finally here.  So far, we’ve spent every evening out here.  I can tell that Rhett  likes it too.  He’s been spending loads of time pushing around his dump  truck and learning how to man the steps backward.
Toddler Fun & Summertime 011
Toddler Fun & Summertime 004
Side view- you can see a little backward-step-action from the Rhettster
Toddler Fun & Summertime 012

 Dennis is harvesting some pretty good veggies this summer.Toddler Fun & Summertime 006

Toddler Fun & Summertime 007
 The Alabama crew just left after a long weekend  in Carova, NC.  We've been using the gifts that they left- they made us "carova castaway" coosies and t-shirts.  :)    


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhett’s 1st Birthday Party

Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 118
Rhett’s 1st birthday was an all around
awesome day!  Both of our families and a few of Rhett’s little playmates gathered in the backyard for a fun celebration. 
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 043
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 080
I made him a vanilla cake with cream cheese icing topped with fresh blueberries.  I think I’m going to make his birthday cake every year.
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 073
The barrel is from our wedding reception- Moonrise Bay Vineyard in Knotts Island, NC. 
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 054
Rhett loves his new Radio Flyer!  He especially loves the he can open and close the door and the radio.  He dances every time the radio comes on!!!
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 059
Not everyone thought it was cool though!!!
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 076
Smash Cake
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 103
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 113
This was a fun moment…
Everyone watched Rhett dig into the cake & boy!!! did he play the crowd!  He mostly smooched his hands around and then he’d take a bite right out of the cake! 
 Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 104
Rhett's 1st Birthday Weekend 110
Happy Birthday
little guy!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Rhett!



Our first family photo

Happy Day to our

little baby, Rhett!

You make us happier & prouder than anything I can write.  You bring so much new joy to our lives each day.  Your Daddy and I can’t wait to celebrate all of your birthdays with you.

You are one special 1 year old!

4th of July & Rhett's 1st 001

We love love love you to the moon and back! 

-Mommy & Daddy

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This time last year…


This time last year we hurried into the truck and took off toward the hospital.  My water broke around 9:45pm….and well, this video explains our feelings (sort of).  Advance warning:  I’m sorry to have said the word “gush.”

I love this video!

July 5, 2010 (10pm-ish)

And now…

Almost one year later I’m  rushing around trying to get his 1st birthday party together!

Little did we know that we were driving toward such Joy!


backyard fun 029

Sunday, July 3, 2011

He’s losing it!


backyard fun 009

Hurry up and get


Alabama people!




backyard fun 002

Rhett just woke up from his nap with a perm!  It’s getting curlier by the day…

Happy 4th Weekend!

backyard fun 007

Yay! America!