Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!



9 months 3 weeks = tons of personality!!!

easter outfit

favorite word: Bob! Bob! Bob!


Always crawls with something in his hand… his favorite crawling companion is a log from his log truck


has really started “trying me” when he’s in the high chair-  he rips his bib off and spits his food

I tried to ignore it today but it just made me laugh


he has 2 teeth now- both are on the bottom but one is way taller than the other

he flashes his new teeth with a grin


he loves to throw things and then chase after them

when he’s not doing that he’s chasing Duke


we love him so much!  it’s getting to be so much fun

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snaggle loves to swing


Swing & HBDHazel 022

This week:

Smiles while he swings and looks for birds!

Grew another bottom tooth last night- I’ve been calling him “snaggle”

Mommy (me)went out of town so it was boys night for the last few days.  Daddy fed him spaghetti for the 1st time. Messy.

His hair started to CURL in the back.

bear crawler- he’s on all fours now

we let him eat dirt today. hopefully he learned.

Kissed me back today!

Swing & HBDHazel 019Swing & HBDHazel 009Swing & HBDHazel 015Swing & HBDHazel 010Swing & HBDHazel 016Swing & HBDHazel 020


Sunday, April 10, 2011



April 005

We two 30 year olds around here now! (& one feisty  9 mth. 2 wk old) So…yeah…My younger man caught up to me this month.

I had to share this funny picture from the big 3-oh day…it’s also a reminder for me to write and post fun pictures from the celebration.  It’s on the “To Do”

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Breaking News…


7 Months 005

“Breaking through the gums news,” actually…

Rhett has a cute little, piranha-like, tooth on the bottom.   This tooth has given him a whole new boost of bravery.  He’s pulling up on everything and moving from the coffee table to

the sofa with total ease.  Next week… who knows?!?