Monday, May 30, 2011

-Memorial Day 2011-

Every Memorial Day my neighbors hang this huge flag in the front yard. 

Isn’t it beautiful!

Memorial Day 2011 008

I’m so thankful to be an American. Our freedom to enjoy weekends like is because of the sacrifices of young brave soldiers.  We are so blessed to be free!

Memorial Weekend in

Carova Beach, NC


Memorial Day 2011 006

Rhett & Granddaddy playing the Ukulele

Memorial Day 2011 040Packing the car & heading to the beachMemorial Day 2011 002

Memorial Day 2011 011Memorial Day 2011 012

First Tidal Pool!  He loved it!Memorial Day 2011 014

Dennis is building him a wave barrier.Memorial Day 2011 015Memorial Day 2011 019Memorial Day 2011 021Memorial Day 2011 023Memorial Day 2011 026

Rhett has embraced the beach life!Memorial Day 2011 007Memorial Day 2011 033Memorial Day 2011 013

Naps everyday at the beachMemorial Day 2011 022Memorial Day 2011 019Memorial Day 2011 020

Dennis made awesome chicken kabobs, rice, and corn on the cob!Memorial Day 2011 025Memorial Day 2011 017Memorial Day 2011 024

Uncle John is fun!

Memorial Day 2011 027Memorial Day 2011 028

Rhett put the old playpen to good use. It was Uncle Chris and Susan’s “cage.”  Rebecca was so pleased!

Memorial Day 2011 030

A good one of Chris & Kelly

Memorial Day 2011 034

Good ol’Gretchen!

Memorial Day 2011 031Memorial Day 2011 033

And the picture of the weekend….

Memorial Day 2011 031

Friday, May 27, 2011

It’s been forever!


10 and a half months 013

Rhett has curls now….

10 and a half months 003

The shed is complete & it’s more than beautiful, handy, needed, and loved! 

10 and a half months 021

Someone is into EVERYTHING!!! & pulling up on everything….

He just might walk this weekend???


Happy Memorial



Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Part I 1/2

One of the sweetest gifts I've ever received from my Father-in-Law, Jimmy Knox:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend 2011



I’m so thankful to this little guy for making me a mother!  He makes me smile and love bigger than

I’ve ever known.  What a joy it is to be a Mommy!




I especially loved tonight.  Dennis kicked off Mother’s Day weekend with a bang:

First of all, I’m giddy over my sweet Mother’s day gift- I mentioned to Dennis that it would be nice (in the future?) to have a couple of wooden chairs for the front to watch Rhett play with his outside toys.  Surprise! Rhett & Dennis came home with these today.   I love them because of the quality time we will spend here! 

Plus, I plan on having my coffee here in the morning.

Alabama 020

Then we shared an excellent dinner together- topped off with relaxing on the hammock!  What a fun night. 




I’ve waited 2 years for my little peony bushes to grow flowers and… Finally!!!!

Just look at how pretty it is.  Peonies are so fluffy & sweet-smelling!  I actually have 3 on the bush. 

Alabama 009

 Alabama 005

This is why I can’t wait for my peony plant to mature- my neighbor has prize peonies… Aren’t they lovely!

Alabama 003

Happy Mother’s Day!