Sunday, June 27, 2010

39 Weeks!

Week 39 is a week of "realizations."
Reality has hit me!
1st, the milk will still be here when Rhett comes home!
We're due on July 4th- that's 7 days from today.

I have officially hit "watermelon" status!

From Dome to Rump, Dr. Lackore (my wonderful OB), predicts that Rhett is 7 pounds already. His heart stays in the 150 range and he kicks the nurse when she tries to listen.
Rhett's totally diggin' cool aide, cold, sweet watermelon, and full body stretches that contort his Mommy!
Week 39 is so good- so far!
And... Duke... sweet little Duke is also realizing some things.
Although he loves to dig his head into the plush nursery rug, he approaches that room slowly, with caution.
He's also doing a lot of this...
Staring off into the sunset!

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