Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yardsale Extravaganza!!!

Neighbors + Junk + Lemonade = Awesome Day!!!
We had a wonderful "marathon" day under the water oak.
Together w/3 families we peddled our junk in the driveway for 7 hrs.
In the end, D and I made $130-ish bucks.
I got rid of the ugliest lamp in the world for $10 and thing of "new" prunes out of my pantry for $1.

My lamp tag simply said "make an offer." When the woman offered 10 bucks I almost peed in my pants! She ended up leaving the shade though. haha!

The Lemonade stand stole the show!
My little neighbor friends sold Lemonade, Ice Tea, and Homemade Cookies for $.25 each.
They even had "repeat" customers...



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